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The Guadalupe Street 

Reconstruction Project

Transforming Guadalupe Street


What can improved road design, pedestrian access and safety,

enhanced economic development and tourism, and improved foot-traffic

bring to Santa Fe’s historic North Guadalupe Street Corridor?


The North Guadalupe Street Corridor in Santa Fe, New Mexico,

is located in the downtown metro area and the areas that are part of the historic Camino Real, which has been in use since the 1500’s.


The North Guadalupe Street Corridor will undergo a reconstructive "Road Diet" 

in 2019 to support development of a more "Complete Street."


to encourage and enhance pedestrian/bicycle use and safety,

to accommodate ADA accessibility,

to improve general traffic flow in the specified area,

to recognizing historic design considerations,

to maximize economic opportunities for the area and the city of Santa Fe.


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