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"Camino Seguro, Camino Hermoso" (working title of the educational film)  is an examination of the process and benefits that improved road design, pedestrian access and safety as well as enhanced economic development (foot-traffic tourism) will bring to Santa Fe, New Mexico’s historic North Guadalupe Street Corridor, the downtown metro area and the areas that are part of the historic Camino Real, which has been in use since the 1500’s.

The Guadalupe Road Reconstruction Project Film will document the City of Santa Fe’s project from evolution to conclusion and to highlight for communities across New Mexico the benefits of a well-designed “Complete Street.” The film will showcase how the collaborative nature of the design process strives to balance the needs of all users of the roadway and optimize safety, accessibility and economic benefits for those users.

The goal of this film is to illustrate the obstacles andmore importantly the successful development (planning) and implementation (construction) methodologies and strategies among so many different competing interests with city, county, state, federal shareholders and agencies as well as business interests and citizen concerns for historic preservation and quality of life.


The film will help decision makers recognize where, in their communities, opportunities may arise to reconstruct streets and roadways in a manner that better reflect the values of vital and healthy communities and will provide strategies and methods to assist with successful project implementation.


Film to be shared at the National Transportation Planners Conference in Santa Fe summer 2019.

Guadalupe Street Reconstruction Project
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