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About the Project

Improving Our Neighborhood

Goals and Objectives:

  • improve general traffic flow in the specified area

  • accommodate ADA accessibility

  • encourage and enhance pedestrian/bicycle use and safety

  • recognizing historic design considerations

  • maximize economic opportunities for the area and the city of Santa Fe.

As noted in the Public Meeting materials shared on March 29, 2018:


The purpose of this project is to:

Identify a roadway typical section for the Guadalupe Street that will:

  • Improve sidewalks and ramps so to provide ADA accessibility and safely serve pedestrian traffic;

  • Improve corridor safety for all corridor users: and

  • Enhance economic development opportunities.

Project Design Elements will:

  • Include access management strategies and techniques;

  • Enhance street lighting: and

  • Improve multimodal accommodation (pedestrian and bicycle).

Factors contributing to the need for the project:

  • High number of driveways and large driveway widths;

  • Narrow 3-ft and 4-ft sidewalk widths in segments of the street corridor;

  • Documented high volume of pedestrian access constraints impacting economic development.

Partners and Stakeholders :

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