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Meet the Team

The City of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Community College are working with numerous local organizations, individuals, students, interns, VISTA Summer Associates, and NM Youth Ambassadors to produce a short educational film on the Guadalupe Street Reconstruction Project to create a "Complete Street" by implementing a "Road Diet" in the historic Guadalupe corridor. Youth and local interns worked collaboratively to gather interviews of key players and stakeholders to capture the important aspects of the process and collaboration between all stakeholders. Video was created and intercut with footage of meetings, planning sessions, community events, interviews, and time-lapse and aerial photography, as well as  historical photographic and graphic elements to convey basic facts and history.

City of Santa Fe
Erick Aune

CommUNITY Learning Network
Jennifer Nevarez and student teams

Santa Fe Community College
Kris Swedin
Milton Riess

Special Thanks to CommUNITY Learning Network
Vistas, Interns, and Youth Ambassadors including

Emily Cole, JC Ramirez, Alexis Rodriguez, Elizabeth Guthrie
Rebecca Darling, Matt Moschell, Geneva Hancock
Jadeyn Segura, Simon Ballard, Seven Ballard, Nicolas Nevarez
Tierra Encantada Charter School and Turquoise Trail Charter School

Collaborating Organizations, Businesses, Civic Agencies, and Individuals
Monique Anair - Seattle Film Institute
Eric Streeper - Xerb TV
Joshua Sage -
Leonard Pascual  A Sound Look
Shawn Blake - Descartes Labs
Jorie Koster-Hale - Falling Colors  
Jerry Richardson - President, Historic Guadalupe Home Owner's Association
David Quintana - City of Santa Fe, Roadway and Design
Carlos Cervantes - Local Artist and Community Member
Renee' Villareal - City Councilor
Lynne Gahan - Community Member
Deb Dominguez - Community Member
Peter Olson - Community Member
Liz Perlstein - Community Member
Patti Meccia - Community Member
Don Meccia - Community Member

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