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Local Organizations

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Community Learning Network (CLN) is a Santa-Fe-based and New-Mexico-born nonprofit committed to "building stronger communities through real-life learning."


Working collaboratively to provide community-based, hands-on, transformational learning experiences for all ages, CLN programs include S.E.E. Southwest Experiential Education, the Love Where We Live neighborhood engagement and improvement initiative, and New Mexico Youth Ambassadors. CLN has also facilitated a number of special projects over the years including the LISTO Language Institute for Sustainability and Transformative Education to provide TESOL certification for teachers through educational travel and immersion plus the TDK Learning Community and Hoghan Dialogues in TeseDa’Kaan, Dinetah (Navajo Nation) with esteemed Dine'educator and indigenous researcher Dr. Larry Emerson , as well as the annual Teen Interfaith Dialogue with support from the Archdiocese of San Jose, the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, and the Shinnoyen Buddhist Foundation. With a deep commitment to local residency, community-based programs, and experiential education, CLN has worked with hundreds of organizations, community-driven projects, and local community members in New Mexico over the years.


Aware of the growing gap between education and employment in the Tech and Media industries,Opportunity Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Community Foundation supported launch of the regional Tech Task Force and the TechHire Santa Fe collective action working group and has developed and supported numerous initiatives to bridge the gap between education and real-world Tech and Media enterprise and employment including school-based Tech training programs and bootcamps, the collaborative "Summer of Tech" initiative, support of annual "Hour of Code" events and local National Tech Education Week celebrations, and the first Tech Corridor at the annual Santa Fe Business Expo and Job Fair. The collective action initiative is also supporting local Apprenticeship, Internship, and Mentorship initiatives to improve workforce development efforts with local youth, and has also launched the "1,000 websites in 1,000 days" campaign to provide website-making workshops and support to local community members, projects, and businesses, and Ready to Grow digital marketing workshops throughout northern New Mexico. 

OSF, CLN, including interns, staff, volunteers, neighbors, and community advocates, assisted with the development of this website, as well as community engagement and documentation of the Guadalupe Street project. 


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