​Local students, interns, and New Mexico Youth Ambassadors are out and about this summer and fall interviewing community members of all ages and gathering reflections from some of the key project stakeholders including staff and representatives from the following:

  • ADA Accommodations

  • City Planning Department

  • City Engineering Department

  • State Department of Transportation

  • New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

  • Federal Agencies involved

  • Wilson and Company, Project Contractors

  • Guadalupe Area Business Owners

  • Guadalupe Area Homeowners, HOA’s

  • Department of Tourism

  • Historic Review Board

  • Green and Renewable Infrastructure implementation i.e., water harvesting, green

    space and solar electric for signs, lights, etc.

  • Architects, Landscape Architects and Urban Designers

  • City Councilors and Civic representatives

  • Community members of all ages

Guadalupe Street Reconstruction Project
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