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Bicycle Master Plan

Sending warm and cozy 2019 greetings...and a quick survey!

It is come to our attention that many of the employees, entrepreneurs, and family members of our local Tech and Media companies are interested in alternate transportation options, as well as safe biking and walking opportunities in our community. Alas, we are rolling into the New Year in collaboration with the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and asking for your input and insights.

The MPO is in the process of updating its Bicycle Master Plan and needs input from a wide range of community members to gain a better and broader understanding of transit habits and bicycling in the Santa Fe area. Your responses will help shape the future of transportation in our region and guide recommendations in the 2019 Bicycle Master Plan. To share your insights, please complete the brief survey here:

2019 Bicycle Master Plan Survey

The Bicycle Master Plan is a tool that will be utilized by its member entities (City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, and Tesuque Pueblo) along with many other non-governmental stakeholders in making decisions that shape the rules, regulations and the built environment that directly affect transportation and bicycling in the Santa Fe area.   It should only take a couple minutes but we thank you for your time and insights.

Since the MPO is seeking a broad range of community input, we also hope you would consider circulating this survey among any other organization and business, as well as staff, co-workers, family, or friends. 

Thanks again for your input!  

Meanwhile, hope the holidays proved nourishing and sending best wishes for a wonderful 2019. We have a heap of exciting things brewing and look forward to sharing an amazing year!  

Stay tuned...

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