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Next on our list of interviews was meeting David Quintana, City of Santa Fe's project manager for the Guadalupe Street Reconstruction

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David Quintana is the City of Santa Fe's project manager and leader of this road reconstruction work. He is the engineering supervisor for public works and engineering and oversees roadway and street improvements, bridge construction and replacement, roadway drainage improvements, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements, and recycled asphalt paving projects

Under Quintana's guidance and collaboration with various agencies, Guadalupe street will undergo a road diet to become a 'complete street' one which is considerate of bikers and walkers and allows complete access for all individuals.

Getting a Grip on Reality

This project will involve the cooperation and collaboration from a vast number of agencies and stakeholders affected by the reconstruction of Guadalupe street. From engineering consultants to environmental agencies to to archaeological groups to local businesses and residents, this reconstruction work will change the way people live and work for a period of time in Santa Fe. Quintana will be overseeing these groups' interactions and working with each to incorporate their concerns and interests in the project. Quintana organised public meetings to inform Santa Feans about this project and to address any queries and concerns.

We interviewed Quintana at the City of Santa Fe offices in the Railyard district to really get a grip on what his job entails managing this entire project and what this project will achieve overall.

Getting an insider's views on this project helps bring perspective to the scale of undertaking a project like the reconstruction of Guadalupe street. Quintana explained how the city works with engineering consultants, architecture groups, environmental agencies, historical preservation departments and New Mexico's Department of Transport to ensure that the new road will meet all regulations. Pedestrian cyclist safety is the city's priority and Quintana pointed out the need to widen the sidewalks on the street due to the current high risk of injury from passing motorists.

Remodelling junctions to increase safety and slowing traffic down are just a few measures that this new project will introduce to Santa Fe. Quintana hopes that pedestrians can enjoy a safer experience walking along Guadalupe street while businesses will be unaffected in the long-term by this reconstruction project.

Guadalupe Street Reconstruction Project
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