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Meet the Opportunity Santa Fe

Summer Associates

We would not be able to complete this project without the help of our interns and Vista Summer Associates working with the TechHire Santa Fe Working Group thanks to support from the Santa Fe Community Foundation's Opportunity Santa Fe Birth to Career initiative.

JC Ramirez

"My name is JC Ramirez, I am a DREAMER from Aguascalientes, Mexico. I have been making an effort to be a part of my community ever since before I graduated from Capital High School in the top 10% of my class. During high school I was able to be introduced to the active members of my community from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Members through my life mentor Roy Martinez. Thanks to his efforts in making sure students have the extra help they need in developing their own skills in their own passions, I was interested in helping other students do the same.
After high school, I was able to be an AVID tutor for students who were planning on being their family’s first generation to attend college just as I had done going to UNM. To this day, with all my students, I will always do my best to ignite the sense of striving for their goals no matter what they perceive their obstacles might be. With the help of the VISTA program, I will continue to reach more students and meet new people who will want to do the same." 

Alexis Rodriguez

"My name is Alexis Rodriguez, I am an ambitious 18 year old college freshman with the mindset of pursuing a technical career. I graduated from Capital High School in May 2018, and decided to get deeper into the technology field. I have always had an interest within technology, whether it is the exterior or interior perspective of it, I tend to enjoy it all. I have some experience in graphic design, photography, website designing (front & back end). Throughout high school, I was enrolled in the design pathway, as well in a film class, and I have found a passion in technology. I believe that I can be very creative when I get an opportunity for something. 

My Senior Year at Capital, I was the boy’s varsity team captain and it was a great responsibility that I needed to manage. My liability as a leader has been demonstrated as I engage in other people's perspectives and ideas. I ensure that I allow decision-making within my group and so that the most efficient solution is delivered. Therefore, I was never so responsive to the role because I feel that my type of leadership is that of a team effort build up. It was my duty to make sure we communicated as a team, not to communicate for the team. I never ran the team by myself, I accounted many of my teammates to help me through the season. I love to be productive in many aspects, and working with computers is a big one. As I look back into the past, I recognize that I have accomplished  many things because of technology. Therefore, I decided to engage into my community through the AmeriCorps Vista Program. I was motivated to try Opportunity Santa Fe because of the people around me. I was inspired by my parents, my teachers, my colleagues and my girlfriend. Therefore, I dived into this program to explore the many career opportunities that Santa Fe has to offer. As a Vista intern I have truly seen and learned a large array of things. All of which have motivated me to become more involved with the community and the various professionals within it. One day I know I will be thanking Americorps for selecting me as an intern and hope to obtain a career."

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